AMC for a Healthy Website

Ever since the access to information and communication through internet services became the order of the day, educational institutions found the website as an ideal medium of interaction. Apart from the institutional profile, a website has proved to be highly effective for admissions and at the time when the results are declared. However, mere attractive design and launch of a website are futile in case it is not maintained. A majority of the website designers also render its periodical upkeep, popularly known as annual maintenance contract (AMC).

Thus providers of website AMC service for colleges play a crucial role in keeping it updated and also ensuring consistency in its performance. Besides this, possible virus and bugs are also prevented from harming the website. Any incompatibility in the operation of browser will be rectified including insertion new pages or fields and banner, if need be.

In Delhi NCR, there are certified and reputed companies such as Sterco Digitex offering these services. This company has made a mark in nationwide website AMC service for universities. Incidentally, this company also designs and develops educational apps to meet requirements of current and prospective students. Such apps can be linked to internal campus management solution and the website CMS for real time update. In addition to this package, as per the nature of the website, it has provision for tailor made SLAs (service level agreements).

Thus a perfectly well maintained website is a blessing in disguise not only for the educational institutions but also for the community of students seeking all information about a particular course, syllabus, fee structure, procedure of admission, details about the semesters and the faculty. The provider of AMC will also enable the universities and colleges in highlight their achievements, events like convocations, sports meets and allied notifications.

Similar to the yearly health check ups and periodical vaccinations or inoculations practised in defence the AMC ensures quality and consistency in the functioning of the website. A visitor will be impressed by a professionally such a website with latest updates.