Nook and Cranny of Distance Learning Management System

A little introduction is always helpful

A distance learning management system is designed to manage the daily chores of an educational institution that offers distance education. Thanks to the rapid development of the Web technologies, a large part of interaction between colleges and students is done online. Every distance learning management system ensures a smooth online workflow of such educational institutions.

Important working modules of distance learning management systems

Such systems and processes are a gift for an educational institute’s administrators, teachers as well as students. An excellent distance learning management web application seamlessly blends with the website of a college or university. The Best distance learning management systems, by and large, include the following modules:- Continue reading


Get total control on website data with CMS development

Available since late 1990s, Content Management System allows users to control and manage the content within website. It is commonly known as CMS and it helps established as well as start-up companies in managing website data.

In order to operate CMS, all that is required by the users is some basic knowledge of Microsoft Word. Without any technical training or programming/ HTML experience, CMS allows almost everyone to make updates. The uncomplicated and simple system of CMS enables users to conveniently add or delete images and edit text on website on the fly.Users can make changes from any web browser or even with their iPhone and from anywhere across the globe.Irrespective of the number of website pages, you can have full site-search engine at the back-end. In fact, the highly professional website CMS system is available at an extremely reasonable cost. Continue reading

Gizmo to Growth – Intuitive Website Design for College to get a New Online Face

In the present age of World Wide Web online presence is as important as having a physical office. Nowadays every education institute has its website to inform students about various announcements. Website design for college should be in an organized and well-structured manner so that it would gain students’ attention at the same time informs them about the recent events, seminars, notices and participation’s of the educational institute. Functionally rich online education websites can truly represent a blend of all intuitive sections that is comprehensive and have all what requires. These days improvements in online presence are the prime concern of the academic institutes. Redesigning and redeveloping are the major step to introduce an improvement in the present efforts. Full-fledged websites of education can simply grab attention and develop positive image about the institute or school. It helps educational institutes to develop a pace to grow within the online world.

Interactive school education websites are aided to impart education at elementary level as well as at higher level; such type of conceptual educational websites for kids can do wonders if developed in a way to communicate with the website users and with a perfect mix. Fine-looking educational website templates are needed to pull the gazes of the visitor. A strategic development is the key to avoid technical issues related to the websites of education. Thus, it is recommended to initiate with a well-planned approach to develop educational CRM.

Sterco Digitex Pvt. Limited is a pioneer name in the field of new media solutions. The company has achieved excellence in website for schools. The company when it comes to education websites, universities has proven their perfection time and again with their deliverable’s. The company within the span of over 12 years has captured most of the major names in the educational sector and has provided them with an all new face on internet. The skilled and efficient team of the company makes sure of timely deliverables and effective planning that makes the website top the list in search pages as well.

Sterco education has delivered some of the best educational web design, web development for schools colleges, and other educational institutes till date. The unique standard and class of the websites designed by the company is what makes them stand out of the league. Today, Sterco education is providing landmarks for every other website designing and development company whether it is best educational website, school website design, school education portal, etc.

The facility of good educational websites also helps the clients to keep their websites updated and perfect year after year. The high school educational websites that they offer to their clients is the identity and uniqueness of the company which makes them the most trusted and proffered name.

Thought provoking taglines and smooth graphics are the essential elements of any educational websites. Sterco Education is initiating to establish a benchmark to propel in the website design industry. The company has developed websites of renowned educational institutes and universities such as Sharda University, amity school and many more renowned industry leaders. Understanding the concept of educational unit would merely help designers.

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Alternative Learning through Education Websites

At a time when technology is moving at an inevitable progressive mode, websites have become a significant part of any organization. The benefits of creating a dedicated websites for education are many and it would be considered a blunder in this day and age to not have one. Let us not forget that we live in a very competitive environment wherein technology plays a pivotal role in redefining our lives. The field of education today has been completely revolutionized with the aid of interactive media as this medium offers a plethora of information very easily accessible to students.


Website for schoolsis a prerogative for both the institution as well as the students, and it is important that such an education web page is efficient in imparting sufficient knowledge. For education websites the priority for any individual developer should be easy navigation, and an attractive design with adequate content. An institution should not limit their website to the basic elements; instead create an interactive interface through features that support pedagogy.


Most of us are aware today of the fact that technology has completely eliminated the space and time constraints due to which we get to see diverse forms of educational portals across the web world. This gives an opportunity to students to attend virtual classrooms no matter where they are geographically located. Websites for education offer online courses wherein a student can enroll for a bachelors or a master’s degree without the hassles of attending the institution. Study material for such courses is available online and students have the option to interact with faculty members for consultation and queries.


A lot of companies offer web related services and are instrumental in conceptualizing college website design, educational websites for kids, etc. Since the job requires out of the box thinking and a lot of creative ideas, it is always recommended that before availing the services of any website development company, institutions must have a basic outline of the elements required in the website design for college. Being proactive during the design and development process of educational portal is advisable as it is helpful in facilitating the entire process and delivering the desired results.


Human encounter with the internet has changed the outlook of education as information is widely available online on a variety of subjects. Pursuing part time courses online is appreciated by many as it saves time and gives individuals an opportunity to continue with their profession while pursuing higher education.

Sterco Education – Giving a new definition to educational websites

Sterco Digitex Pvt Limited is a well known in the world of website designing and development. The company is pioneer in the field of providing value additions to IT solutions through Multimedia, Web design & development and E-Learning. The company has excelled in providing international standard solutions. One such industry that has achieved new heights when it comes to branding themselves through Sterco is Education. The company is dedicated to provide the best education website design to all their clients and unique in its own way. The company has an upper hand than any other key player in the industry when it comes to web site designing for colleges, web designing for educational groups, web designing for universities, web designing for management groups, etc.
Sterco provides an extra edge to all the websites considering their requirements and demands. The clients find their work satisfactory because of their hard working, skilled professionals involved with every project. The mission for the company is to take educational web design to such a level that other important players of this industry consider the websites designed by the company as benchmarks. The company believes in providing one of the best colleges websites to each any every client.
The retaining of the clients through annual maintenance contract is a proof of satisfaction and contentment that they give with their deliverables to their clients. Through this contract the websites are mostly refurbished, updated with new content and are provided with other new facilities as per the requirements.
Sterco has their own stylized way of providing best facilities to their clients and their incredible experience of more than a decade has helped them grow day by day. The company is considered as an education management software that offers a wide range of designs, style and pattern for each education web design. The company has played a key role in changing the way any educational website designing used to be. The company has given a new face to web designing for educational institutes, web development for educational groups, university website designing, etc.
Sterco Digitex Pvt Limited has excelled in the offerings they give to their clients and the best part about their websites is that each website is given a new look and feel than what they already had. The team of Sterco realizes that every client has their own demands and every educational institute is not same hence the website designed and developed for them are not identical to each other. Primary school web designing, colleges web designing and web designing for universities all have different criteria and different genres of visitors and Sterco accepts this fact.
Sterco and their increasing list of clients is a prominent evidence to prove their perfection, flawless work style. Web services for schools, web services for universities, web services for colleges and other educational institutes are the best outcomes of the company and they work relentlessly to provide better and latest solutions to all the clients. Hence if it is education website design then it is Sterco all the way.