Designing Dynamic Websites for Varsities

The index of this century is the access to information and communication, enabled by the computer technology. Its application has resulted in the website becoming the face, eyes, ears and mouthpiece of every other entity. Thus industrial houses, corporate groups, governmental organizations, voluntary fora, civic agencies, traders and marketing outlets, facilitators of various services like health and education among others have made their presence felt through websites. By the mere click of a mouse, necessary information could be gathered or conveyed or relayed across the globe.

In such a scenario, providers of college website development services play a pivotal role since what they conceptualize, design and develop is almost a live platform for the institution to interact with the fraternity of students as well as their parents or guardians. to interact with the higher ups in the institution. In turn websites of colleges strengthen their identity and credibility in the academic world. And the provider of this website should be one with a proven track record.

To name one among such expert companies, the Delhi NCR based Sterco Education has been in the forefront of extending nationwide university website development services. With its rich expertise, the company has enhanced the image of every university serviced by it. The websites designed by it have made a mark in terms of consistency in quality content and allied applications. A notable aspect in the website developed by it happens to be the university’s identity seen and sensed on every webpage by a person while browsing.

This company has evolved innovative concepts and designs that are conversational, engaging, and authentic for both the institution and the students. Some of these are respective portals exclusively dedicated to –

  • Admissions
  • Results
  • Distant Learning also known as Correspondence Courses
  • Alumni
  • Placements
  • Guided tour of university

No wonder, Sterco has been acknowledged an ideal and expert provider of solutions for educational institutions.


AMC for a Healthy Website

Ever since the access to information and communication through internet services became the order of the day, educational institutions found the website as an ideal medium of interaction. Apart from the institutional profile, a website has proved to be highly effective for admissions and at the time when the results are declared. However, mere attractive design and launch of a website are futile in case it is not maintained. A majority of the website designers also render its periodical upkeep, popularly known as annual maintenance contract (AMC).

Thus providers of website AMC service for colleges play a crucial role in keeping it updated and also ensuring consistency in its performance. Besides this, possible virus and bugs are also prevented from harming the website. Any incompatibility in the operation of browser will be rectified including insertion new pages or fields and banner, if need be.

In Delhi NCR, there are certified and reputed companies such as Sterco Digitex offering these services. This company has made a mark in nationwide website AMC service for universities. Incidentally, this company also designs and develops educational apps to meet requirements of current and prospective students. Such apps can be linked to internal campus management solution and the website CMS for real time update. In addition to this package, as per the nature of the website, it has provision for tailor made SLAs (service level agreements).

Thus a perfectly well maintained website is a blessing in disguise not only for the educational institutions but also for the community of students seeking all information about a particular course, syllabus, fee structure, procedure of admission, details about the semesters and the faculty. The provider of AMC will also enable the universities and colleges in highlight their achievements, events like convocations, sports meets and allied notifications.

Similar to the yearly health check ups and periodical vaccinations or inoculations practised in defence the AMC ensures quality and consistency in the functioning of the website. A visitor will be impressed by a professionally such a website with latest updates.

Portals to Higher Education

Until the late 90s, it used to be a gigantic task for young Indians seeking admission in colleges. Although some of varsities like Delhi University had introduced the concept of cut-off marks for the aspirant students, by and large, these youngsters were made to run from pillar to post, nay hopping from one college to another for the mere admission form. Indeed, this period presented an apt scenario to define what is meant by anxiety.

Presto, the advent of World Wide Web (www) and the resultant website put an end to this mad rush among the fraternity of students. Thanks to the college website development services rendered by reputed IT companies like Sterco Digitex coupled by mass computer literacy, all that the students needed was performed by the mere click of the mouse. Right from procuring an admission form to details about a graduation course, the syllabi, the faculty and last date of submission of the application form, everything turned out to be a simplified procedure.

In fact, the services of website designers became a boom for the private colleges since the media on the net provided an international exposure as well as projected the institution in an impressive manner to lure students from all corners. Thus the admission and subsequent semesters leading to graduation scroll have become a smooth and simplified process.

Meanwhile, with several private varsities emerging on the scene, the IT companies engaged in web related projects were approached to render university website development services. Reportedly, there are over 100 private universities in India today and they have been able to reach out almost all the students across the country. In this context, Sterco Digitex successfully experimented with various tools and modes as the appropriate solutions in designing a website for universities. Online admissions, alumni portal, international student section, department microsite and several other significant aspects have been some of the ready examples of these developments. In other words, the website portal has truly proved to be a gateway of a university or a college and it will remain so for all times to come.

ERP Streamlines Administration in Academia

Consequent to computerization being the order of the day, almost all affairs concerning management and administration are guided by ERP, acronym for enterprise resource planning. It has been found very useful even in academic institutions, right from a primary school to top universities. Assorted agencies like coaching centres which have a finger in the pie of enabling smooth conduct of the academic process too have banked on ERP to achieve their aims.

ERP is a well-analyzed programme that enables streamlined approach to the overall management of an institution. However, formulating a viable and effective ERP must be entrusted to reliable IT consultancy company since each minute detail would be addressed in the designed programme. To cite an instance, a provider of these services, the Noida-based Sterco Education has developed successful ERP software for colleges. Apart from the NCR (national capital region covering New Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad), it has charted out successful formulae for scores of institutions across India and also abroad.

Several modules based on biometric devices, barcodes, smartcards and even RFIDs (radio frequency identification) are worked out to derive an objective ERP and among the ready examples are:

  • Admission Management
  • Fee Management
  • Academics Management
  • Exam Management
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Student/Parent Area
  • System Management

When it concerns college management software, renowned IT consultants and service providers like the one mentioned earlier offer easy to handle solutions in the affairs of the campus. This package is integrated with centralized storage of all relevant data including examination results. It facilitates instant reports on facts and figures. Such an ERP is very ideal for the nodal university in multiple campus management. Although basically, it more of an intranet facility, depending on the institutional needs, the applications of ERP can be programmed in such a manner that it could be accessed even over the internet.

Academic Institutional Website Designing Services

In an era when the order of the day is digital projection of information and communication, websites have gained utmost relevance. In every walk of life, be it traditional or non-traditional, the website has been the live medium. In the context, academic institutions are no exception. So much so right from a kindergarten school to a university, it is the website through which maximum interaction has been taking place.

Thus there is an eternal need for college website development services. Innovative web design companies provide attractive features including audio-video slots to inject a sort of life in the website. It would be ideal to entrust the turnkey package of website development to a competent company. Certain professionally ace companies like Sterco have specialized in designing web pages in the arena of education. Experts in such companies have utilised the novel means like New Media for optimum results.

Keeping in view the evolution of progressive learning with each passing day, websites have become instant platform for dissemination of information. Hence they need periodical updating that may range from daily during admissions to weekly, fortnightly and monthly routine displays.

Apart from designing with focus on specific fields, adept website companies also undertake proper maintenance. They even advise the client institution with a result-oriented SEO (search engine optimisation).

Similar is in the case of university website development services where the target visitors could be nationwide. A company that has earned reputation in providing solutions to web related tasks would also ensure that –

    • The website a brand new look
    • User-friendly options are integrated
    • Manage the website better with appropriate content
    • Constant tag on latest web technology is maintained
    • Venues and avenues for value-added slots like new media are explored at regular intervals

With the aid of services from these companies who have made a mark, the institution is suitably projected in a pro-active manner for all times to come.

Tips to Help Maintain Your University Website

Building a website does not only ensure its success. You will need to maintain the website in a proper manner so that it is able to attract a decent amount of traffic.

However, when it comes to different university and college websites, it is very difficult to maintain the traffic ratio. While you can easily hire the best available website maintenance services in India, however, that might just not trigger the response you are looking for. Therefore, you will need to follow some basic tips to ensure better maintenance of your website.

  • Mention the core values of your college or university on the main page. Although you can always include these details in the about us page, however, it is very important to create brand value at the word go.

  • Visual and musical impact is any day better than writing a lot of words for expressing different things. It would only make the visitor more inquisitive if you are able to make some part of the website interactive as this will engage the visitor thereby capturing his attention. Apart from this, a musical tone playing in the background while the visitor goes through the website will be a good experience.

  • Creating maximum impact with minimum effort is one of the best ways of ensuring proper maintenance of your college website. Glossy images and vibrant colors can actually repel many visitors. Therefore, keep it as simple as possible, however present in a manner that will catch the eye of the visitor.

You can either hire a company that offers website amc service for universities or you can formulate a strategic plan to maintain your website. Whichever method you choose, it should not be time consuming or expensive. Rather it should pique interest among prospective students and academic professionals, so that they return back to your website to explore other avenues in a detailed manner.

Why to Take CMS Website Development Seriously?

Business of any type of – corporate or education – requires streamlining. And the best streamlining in any business – especially education that needs proper information management of students and faculty – is done by Content Management System (CMS). A few reasons that help symbolize the importance of CMS are listed beneath.

Content Management –

Proper management of content is one of the most celebrated features of CMS. The system helps in:-

  • Saving content in the draft stage
  • Easily updating the site’s navigational structure
  • Automatically publishing the content
  • Styling the content
  • Restrict access to change the content as well as other features of the site

Strengthening the online brand identity –

CMS also helps a business’ marketing team to carry out multi-channel campaign management. Such campaigns, in general, include RSS, brochures, emails, dynamic content management, hypersites, etc. The brand-building benefit of CMS website development really helps in not only establishing, but fortifying a business’ online identity.

Hassle-free customer service –

Excellent CMSs help a business manage several sections that are solely dedicated to customer service. A good CMS allows a website administrator to look after the otherwise cumbersome sections of a website such as FAQs, Help, Testimonials, Support forums, etc.

Mobile optimization –

Cutting-edge CMSs provide smooth mobile optimization by automatically tailoring the content and presentation of the site for different devices.

Extensibility –

CMSs, In general, are meant for expanding the functionality of the business. The system can perform task beyond its general capabilities with a little bit of tweaks. All the users have to do is to purchase some additional modules or plug-ins.

To avail the above-mentioned benefits, it is necessary for a business to contact a leading CMS development company in Delhi or anywhere else in the world. A sophisticated CMS always proves to be a worthy asset for any type of businesses.