Designing Dynamic Websites for Varsities

The index of this century is the access to information and communication, enabled by the computer technology. Its application has resulted in the website becoming the face, eyes, ears and mouthpiece of every other entity. Thus industrial houses, corporate groups, governmental organizations, voluntary fora, civic agencies, traders and marketing outlets, facilitators of various services like health and education among others have made their presence felt through websites. By the mere click of a mouse, necessary information could be gathered or conveyed or relayed across the globe.

In such a scenario, providers of college website development services play a pivotal role since what they conceptualize, design and develop is almost a live platform for the institution to interact with the fraternity of students as well as their parents or guardians. to interact with the higher ups in the institution. In turn websites of colleges strengthen their identity and credibility in the academic world. And the provider of this website should be one with a proven track record.

To name one among such expert companies, the Delhi NCR based Sterco Education has been in the forefront of extending nationwide university website development services. With its rich expertise, the company has enhanced the image of every university serviced by it. The websites designed by it have made a mark in terms of consistency in quality content and allied applications. A notable aspect in the website developed by it happens to be the university’s identity seen and sensed on every webpage by a person while browsing.

This company has evolved innovative concepts and designs that are conversational, engaging, and authentic for both the institution and the students. Some of these are respective portals exclusively dedicated to –

  • Admissions
  • Results
  • Distant Learning also known as Correspondence Courses
  • Alumni
  • Placements
  • Guided tour of university

No wonder, Sterco has been acknowledged an ideal and expert provider of solutions for educational institutions.


Portals to Higher Education

Until the late 90s, it used to be a gigantic task for young Indians seeking admission in colleges. Although some of varsities like Delhi University had introduced the concept of cut-off marks for the aspirant students, by and large, these youngsters were made to run from pillar to post, nay hopping from one college to another for the mere admission form. Indeed, this period presented an apt scenario to define what is meant by anxiety.

Presto, the advent of World Wide Web (www) and the resultant website put an end to this mad rush among the fraternity of students. Thanks to the college website development services rendered by reputed IT companies like Sterco Digitex coupled by mass computer literacy, all that the students needed was performed by the mere click of the mouse. Right from procuring an admission form to details about a graduation course, the syllabi, the faculty and last date of submission of the application form, everything turned out to be a simplified procedure.

In fact, the services of website designers became a boom for the private colleges since the media on the net provided an international exposure as well as projected the institution in an impressive manner to lure students from all corners. Thus the admission and subsequent semesters leading to graduation scroll have become a smooth and simplified process.

Meanwhile, with several private varsities emerging on the scene, the IT companies engaged in web related projects were approached to render university website development services. Reportedly, there are over 100 private universities in India today and they have been able to reach out almost all the students across the country. In this context, Sterco Digitex successfully experimented with various tools and modes as the appropriate solutions in designing a website for universities. Online admissions, alumni portal, international student section, department microsite and several other significant aspects have been some of the ready examples of these developments. In other words, the website portal has truly proved to be a gateway of a university or a college and it will remain so for all times to come.

Academic Institutional Website Designing Services

In an era when the order of the day is digital projection of information and communication, websites have gained utmost relevance. In every walk of life, be it traditional or non-traditional, the website has been the live medium. In the context, academic institutions are no exception. So much so right from a kindergarten school to a university, it is the website through which maximum interaction has been taking place.

Thus there is an eternal need for college website development services. Innovative web design companies provide attractive features including audio-video slots to inject a sort of life in the website. It would be ideal to entrust the turnkey package of website development to a competent company. Certain professionally ace companies like Sterco have specialized in designing web pages in the arena of education. Experts in such companies have utilised the novel means like New Media for optimum results.

Keeping in view the evolution of progressive learning with each passing day, websites have become instant platform for dissemination of information. Hence they need periodical updating that may range from daily during admissions to weekly, fortnightly and monthly routine displays.

Apart from designing with focus on specific fields, adept website companies also undertake proper maintenance. They even advise the client institution with a result-oriented SEO (search engine optimisation).

Similar is in the case of university website development services where the target visitors could be nationwide. A company that has earned reputation in providing solutions to web related tasks would also ensure that –

    • The website a brand new look
    • User-friendly options are integrated
    • Manage the website better with appropriate content
    • Constant tag on latest web technology is maintained
    • Venues and avenues for value-added slots like new media are explored at regular intervals

With the aid of services from these companies who have made a mark, the institution is suitably projected in a pro-active manner for all times to come.